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I cover job hunting, workplace issues, business and tech. I'm also a contract editor and strategist on business and finance content projects for publishers, brands and agencies.

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Wf0815feature 680x300 article
Workforce Magazine

A Tale of Drivers, Strippers and Lawsuits

Companies' independent contractor practices may be running afoul of employee classification laws.

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Workforce Magazine

Companies Dropping Executive Perks

Fewer C-suite managers get luxuries like use of corporate jets because of shareholder pressure, rising costs....

Workforce Magazine

Companies Making HR Big Data Work

Some early adopters have integrated big data into human resources practices with noteworthy results.

Workforce Magazine

Five Mobile Apps for Recruiters

The ranks of HR professionals using smartphones and apps to find and contact potential candidates are growing. Here are some of the apps they're using.

Wf 052014 silkroad 680x300 article
Workforce Magazine

Got Silk? Why SilkRoad Was Driven to Protect Its Name

SilkRoad took measures to ensure people weren't confusing it with black market website Silk Road....

Wf0515 immigration art680x300 article
Workforce Magazine

H-1B Visas Under Fire

The United States’ foreign worker program needs an overhaul — but good luck getting anyone to agree on what’s broken or how to fix it.

Wf0415 profile laszlo1 680x300 article
Workforce Magazine

Laszlo Bock Says 'Work Rules!'

The tech giant's top people person explains how data analytics made it what it is today and a lot more in his new book, ‘Work Rules!’

Wf 052214 trend mobile680x300 article
Workforce Magazine

Making the Most of Mobile

Years after HR departments first started using mobile to find and recruit potential employees, more are integrating it into internal workforce management functions as well....