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I cover job hunting, workplace issues, business and tech. I'm also a contract editor and strategist on business and finance content projects for publishers, brands and agencies.

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2014 volkswagen cc det fe 502141 300 article

8 Things You Need To Know About Back-Up Cameras |

Back-up cameras will be mandatory in 2018, but nearly half of new vehicles already have them. New camera uses are on the way, too....

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8 Ways to Make a Reverse Mentorship Work for You

In a constantly changing digital workplace, it pays to team up with younger colleagues to glean tips on social media, mobile apps and more....

818808 a baby boomer goes job hunting article

A baby boomer goes job hunting

Ruth Gueta is no shrinking violet. Originally from South Africa, she moved to the United States to start a new life. She ran a catering company in Texas before falling in love with Orange County beaches, settling here 13 years ago and opening a second catering business. She’s run marathons...

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Abercrombie ruling means employers must tread carefully in job interviews

A U.S. Supreme Court's ruling allowed a Muslim woman to pursue a discrimination claim against the retailer for refusing to hire her because of her religious headscarf.

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Achy? Go home sick, you'll still get paid. It's the law

A new California law that took effect July 1 2015 requires employers there to offer employees an hour of paid sick leave for every 30 hours worked.

Wf0815feature 680x300 article
Workforce Magazine

A Tale of Drivers, Strippers and Lawsuits

Companies' independent contractor practices may be running afoul of employee classification laws.

Your computer on wheels illustration sm article

Automobile Club of Southern California - vehicle-data

IT'S 2014: DO YOU KNOW WHO YOUR CAR IS TALKING TO? The growing debate over who gets your vehicle's data. By Michelle V. Rafter ......

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Back in job market? Tools, rules, interviews have changed

If you're looking for work for the first time in a few years, get ready for a wake-up call. Times have changed....

Open uri20130201 6040 1eiyy9t article
The Wall Street Journal

Benefits of Being a Boomerang Kid

In 2009, Kate Werrett, freshly graduated from Brigham Young University, moved back home with her parents in West Linn, Ore. The few months she had planned on staying turned into two years—during which...


Bloomberg's sign-language interpreter points way to growing career ...

Without uttering a word, Lydia Callis had the nation eating out of her very expressive hands. An American Sign Language interpreter for Ne...

Open uri20130201 2009 8ylxq6 article

Boomers Lead the Way With Business Startups |

Entrepreneurs in their 50s and 60s are becoming business owners faster than any other group.

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Breakfast, taco bars, tri-tip? These Orange County businesses offer in-work dining options: catered, free and beyond

That old saying that the heart of a home is the kitchen now applies to the office, too.Companies are making kitchens and in-office dining areas the hub of their workplaces to help employees meet and mingle, boost morale – and, oh yeah, feed people.The trend is evident from photos and...

Njmw3n b88332677z.120150211165710000guh7v2me.10 article

Can Cupid find you a job? eHarmony thinks so

The online dating site eHarmony wants to find you a love match – with your next employer.The new-age Cupid is harnessing its technology to build a job-matching service called Elevated Careers by eHarmony, which the company expects to begin rolling out to select job seekers in late March and make...

N9ymx0 b88159573z.120140807163424000g8r45gf6.40 article

Career lessons from Weird Al

At the ripe old age of 54, “Weird Al” Yankovic is supposed to be a has-been. Guess somebody forgot to tell him. Yankovic scored the first No.1 album of his career in July with the release of “Mandatory Fun,” dishing up more of the popular song parodies that have been...

Wf 082114 feat perks exec 680x300 article
Workforce Magazine

Companies Dropping Executive Perks

Fewer C-suite managers get luxuries like use of corporate jets because of shareholder pressure, rising costs....