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I cover job hunting, workplace issues, business and tech. I'm also a contract editor and strategist on business and finance content projects for publishers, brands and agencies.

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Cutting the cord on a land line phone- MSN Money

More people than ever are dropping their land line service and going wireless exclusively. But before you throw out your old phone, make sure the move is right for your budget.

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Hungry? Check your smartphone - - MSN Money

Google and Facebook are among the giants moving aggressively into the competition for mobile restaurant apps.

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Keep your online data safe from spying eyes - - MSN Money

Big Brother may be watching, but you don't have to make it easy for him. Try these tips for maintaining your online privacy.

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Kids getting phones at ever earlier ages- MSN Money

Parents can set rules to help teens and preteens use mobile devices responsibly.

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Need a digital detox? Ditch Facebook- MSN Money

Some people are going offline March 1, the National Day of Unplugging -- the latest sign more of us are eager for a tech break.

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States roll out varied Obamacare plans

Nearly half the states have opted to set up their own health care exchanges, while residents in other states will have a federally run option....

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Surprise: You're using 'Big Data'- MSN Money

If you shop, watch movies or job hunt online, you’re taking advantage of the boom in data analytics even if you don’t know it.

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Teens say 'later' to Facebook shift to photo chats- MSN Money

The youngest smartphone users are moving to new social apps like Snapchat that can be harder to track.

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TV gets social with second screen- MSN Money

Producers and marketers are moving quickly to capture the growing number of viewers who check into their social networks while watching.

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Where to find money-saving ideas on Reddit - - MSN Money

What you don't know about this social network could hurt your wallet. The site has groups devoted to everything from frugal living to investing.