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I cover job hunting, workplace issues, business and tech. I'm also a contract editor and strategist on business and finance content projects for publishers, brands and agencies.

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2014 volkswagen cc det fe 502141 300 article

8 Things You Need To Know About Back-Up Cameras |

Back-up cameras will be mandatory in 2018, but nearly half of new vehicles already have them. New camera uses are on the way, too....

Cartechnology 1217121 300 article

Decoding What's Inside Your Car's Black Box |

With event data recorders now in 96 percent of new cars, it's important that drivers know what they are, how they work and who controls the data they produce....

2015 toyota sienna cc fe 1103141 300 article

Family-Friendly Features on 2015 Model Cars |

Features once reserved for luxury cars are trickling into family vehicles, including WiFi hotspots, advanced safety systems and more....

Open uri20130302 3104 5qd25h article

How To Deal With Red-Light Cameras

If the cameras have popped up in your area, here are some steps you can take to prevent a ticket, as well as tips on what to do if you get one.

Open uri20130201 6040 kabkd8 article

How To Get Affordable Car Insurance

Strapped for cash? Here's a step-by-step guide to finding the best car insurance for the lowest cost, without getting ripped off.

Carbuying 311141 300 article

How To Save Money on Connected Car Subscriptions |

When your new car's free trials for satellite radio and other interactive services run out, subscription costs can add up — fast. Here's how to get them for less....

Autoinsurance 2141413 300 article

How To Shop for Use-Based Car Insurance on

Here's what to consider when evaluating pay-as-you-drive and similar auto insurance policies....

Open uri20130201 6040 bvxrkm article

Red-Light Camera Backlash

Red-light cameras are a source of cash and controversy in hundreds of U.S. cities and towns. Some cities reject them, but safety experts defend their value.

Autoinsurance 2141414 300 article

Use-Based Insurance Shifts Into High Gear on

If you're ready to think about pay-as-you-drive insurance, it's ready for you....

Open uri20130201 6040 1ete5kl article

What To Look for in an Advanced Driver-Training Class

These courses can help experienced motorists refocus on basics, practice avoiding accidents and more.